Elegance with an edge

Royalty mews is a hidden jewel in soho. A cobbled mews yard behind the bustle of dean street. The tranquility is startling given the proximity to the high voltage current of soho. A story of contrasts. The building is a legacy of soho’s manufacturing and industrial heritage. Beautifully re-imagined by march & white. It is now four unique loft apartments. From the outside it intrigues. A delightful, sculptural artwork by adam dant conceals the discrete entrance. Created in precisely engineered lustrous metal. It plays dramatically against the imposing black brickwork. The allure of secrecy. Each of the four apartments define contemporary, cool elegance. An uncompromised commitment to the finest quality materials and finishes. Timeless style shot through with a jolt of rock and roll edge. It is subtle, intelligent and, critically, extremely beautiful. Soho, after all, is all about desire.

More than an address, Royalty Mews is an intriguing entry zone to an exhilarating way of living.

the composers

March & White are a london design eminence. Their card hand holds contemporary elegance, timeless style and a reverence for beautiful material and craftsmanship. Their work redefines how we think of luxury and couture. They have applied, to rapturous acclaim, their vision to breathtakingly beautiful residences, hotels, private members clubs and superyachts. Their work is, whilst reliably and irrefutably beautiful, quietly intriguing and slowly revealing. Their devoted commitment to detail means the work has a long, enduring appeal. Royalty mews distills all of their distinctive hallmarks. Responding to location, it then filters this vision through a dark lens of rogue, rock and roll edge.

The result is a thrilling new episode in an ongoing creative story.

Composing the elements of elegance with an edge.

the muse 01
the muse 02
the muse 03

Every story starts with a character. A muse. The concept for royalty mews explored the dark zone of nocturnal rock and roll. The permanent midnight. Savage grace and exquisite indulgence. This lives by night. By day it lives a more erudite, cultured and refined life.

The dark zone of nocturnal rock and roll. The permanent midnight.

We were drawn to the classic era of rock excess. This was distilled with a confident elegance. The privilege, opulence and nonchalant strut is viewed through a very contemporary filter. The result sets a new, and very high, bar for stylish soho living.

The Art of
Making an Entrance

The elements of elegance with an edge:

The materials and finishes selected for royalty mews define the uncompromised pursuit of the very finest quality. They are undoubtably and singularly beautiful. They are also selected for their durability. The story gets careless and wreckless occasionally! Royalty mews was composed to stage every scene of the story with a sublime and enduring elegance. With an edge.


Style is intuitive and closely aligned to confidence.
It cannot be taught. It is almost impossible to define it yet it is unmistakable when seen. Bukowski wrote about it perfectly. Go look it up. We could have printed it here but it feels right that we send you off exploring.

Style is what gets a person remembered. This, in the long game, is better than being noticed. Style carries itself efficiently by day. By night, style knows how flirt with risk, dance with the devil and shoot the moon. Even in disarray, style never loses it’s animal grace.

A snippet of the bukowski piece states that opening a can of sardines can have style. A boxer can have style. A secluded mews in the high voltage heart of soho is the definition of style.


Imagine what living
in Soho is like.

Please allow me
to introduce

I'm a man of
wealth and

Sympathy for the Devil. ~Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

story 01

The origin of the name is shrouded in myth and rumour. Some believe it is derived for a hunting cry whilst a school of belief say’s it comes from slang deriving from South Holborn. Whatever the truth the name today is a byword for a vibrant, cool and effortless way of life.

story 01
story 01

Soho remains the definition of a grown up, hedonistic playground. It’s legacy is scandal, temptation and good old fashioned abandon. It has evolved. All that was ever exciting and enticing still glows softly. Now it is paired with some of the world’s greatest restaurants, bars, shops, galleries and theatres. The beauty of a place like soho is the endless discovery. Explore the streets and alleys. Once you experience soho as an insider everywhere else begins to look a bit sedate. The idea is that london is a collection of connected villages. Following that theory, soho is surely the most fascinating, carefree, occasionally disgraceful yet charming of them all. Indeed, think of it more as a very unique private members club. Like any great club, it is a treat to visit as a guest. The real privilege is to belong.

When the Sun goes down, you're in the dark and a blanket of a new feeling comes over you... and that new feeling is magical.

~David Lynch

story 04

We compare it to a strange private members club. It works as a point of reference. Like any club, it is always a thrill to visit as a guest. The real privilege, however, is to belong.

story 04

The soho after dark is very different beast. Glamour, beautifully appointed with a dark edge is the energy. The place has evolved. It has an erudite sophistication as well as a desire for elegant misbehaviour. Nightlife was born here. From the illicit opium chambers in the victorian era, the jazz cellars of the fifties, the joints where london began to swing in the sixties to the forerunners of todays club culture. Blitz, billy’s and le beat route birthed, in the early-eighties the nocturnal code as well as a legion of pop stars.

story 04

Today, the place is more nuanced and complex that ever. It is a cliché but we’ll use it anyway. Whatever you wish to do nocturnally, there will be somewhere in soho where you will be welcomed like an old friend. It’s that kind of place.

story 04


It seemed right to commission a piece of art for Royalty Mews. We quickly decided that Adam Dant was the perfect artist to work with.

His work bears traces of Hogarth, Turner and George Cruikshank. Buried into these charming pieces, though, are subtle references to contemporary culture.

There are shades of Cocteau in there connecting him to an earlier bohemian Soho.

Crafted in imposing and lustrous metal, it is a formidable scale piece which will conceal the entrances to the four apartments in Royalty Mews. The concept of walking through a piece of art to enter the building has been responded to delightfully.

To the very fortunate few who will call Royalty Mews their home the piece will be a cherished treasure. We see it as a gesture of belief that art and architecture should never be too far away from each other.